The Anglo Revolution in New Mexico

The series of three segments constituting the article, “The Anglo Revolution in New Mexico” was published in 1977, but it seems likely that they will raise questions just as pertinent today.  I’ve described the circumstances of the articles in an Introduction to them on the “Articles” page of this website, where the articles themselves will appear.  The first, on the Santa Rita copper mine, has already been posted; the other two are scheduled to appear shortly. 

They refer to a clash of cultures which has taken many forms, overt or otherwise, over the years.  But contrasts of cultures need not take the form of conflict: each has much to learn from the others, and the possibility is real that out of their interaction will arise, dialectically, something far better than either could be alone. 

That was my hope when this series was written, and far more, it remains my hope today.  My own current involvement with the “Cosmic Serpent” project, referred to in earlier postings, is one vehicle for that conviction: it brings together indigenous and western approaches to the natural world.  These begin in sharp contrast, but each has much to learn from the  other – and the global environment cannot wait forever for us to straighten this out!  

So it seems to me.  Comments will be welcome to this posting, but more, to the articles themselves.  I’ll be waiting toi hear!