Bringing to light a variety of essays, on a wide range of subjects, otherwise condemned to the obscurity of file cabinets–or worse as Marx says:“to the gnawing criticism of mice”.

 “The Anglo Revolution in New Mexico”, first appeared in a beautiful New Mexico magazine, La Cofluencia, dedicated to taking a broad look at the interacting cultures of that state. My contribution looked at effects of the arrival of commercial, property-based projects, and was published serially I three parts. These focused on the Santa Rita copper mine; the Maxwell Land Grant and the Navajo Mine of the Four Corners region. Of these three parts, only the first is reproduced here, but we hope that the others may soon follow.

The other two articles first appeared in The Great Ideas Today, a remarkable annual volume made available in the first instance to readers of the Encyclopaeia Britannica’s set of The Great Books of the Western World. This context is important, as articles for GIT were meant to be inspired by those classic works, indeed, but to be rather about the ideas in them and the questions they provoked, than about the books themselves. The spirit of that challenge appealed to me greatly, and with the encouragement of its Executive Editor, John Van Doren, I wrote for it over a period of many years.  The second and third articles reproduced here were originally contributions to that series.  It is to be hoped that others may soon appear. 

I want to thank my son, Eric Simpson for his painstaking work in putting these into form for this presentation on the website.