Abode of the Modern Muse: The Science Museum


Thomas K. Simpson

Originally published in the Great Ideas Today, 1998

The Great Ideas Today, an annual supplement to the Great Books of the Western World collection, was published by the Encyclopaedia Britanica from 1961 to 1998. John Van Doren, Editor

1. Introduction

The museum as grove of the Muses

In  a  society  suffused  with  the  sciences  and  their  companions, the technologies,  it  is  perhaps  time  to  take  our  science  museums  more seriously than we have done in the past. We have always prized and delighted in these halls of wonder and investigation, but we may not have thought enough about their special role as the forum in which we meet  to  contemplate  the  sciences  and  reflect  on  their  role  in  our  past, present, and future lives.

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